10 Things Aerialists are Sick of Hearing

I've been in this incredible industry of aerial circus arts for over 16 years now (Ooooh wow, typing that makes me feel a little long in the tooth!). I can't quite imagine my life without aerials, and I know many of my fellow aerial addicts are much the same! The industry has changed and advanced so much, becoming far more mainstream than what it was way back when... But one thing has never changed! The things I get told/asked by family, friends, AND random people... who should maybe have a little bit of "shhhhhh" time before they talk. 🙈.

So here's my top 10 things I'd rather never hear again...

1. "You're in the circus, are you the clown?"

Ha.. ha.. ha ** insert slow clap here 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 **

2. "Oh you do those sheet things? You can climb my bed sheets any day!" 😏 Oh wow so tempting (And so original 👌🏽)

3. "So... I bet you're super flexible then?!" Yes... **cue crickets**

(Meanwhile, my now husband was first attracted to me whilst watching me warm up my splits 😂 )

4. "Yuk look at your arms, they're huge! Don't get any bigger, you'll look like a man!" Because fat shaming is NOT ok, but fit shaming is apparently totally acceptable 👌🏽

5. "You look fit, you must go to the gym..." Ah huh, because the ONLY way to get fit is by going to the gym. **NEWSFLASH** My tribe of almost 200 aerial students look (and more than likely are!) far stronger and fitter than around 95% of people that "go to the gym" 😏

6. "Can you show me a trick?" Aghhh sure, do you have a silks or Lyra handy in your back pocket? And a half hour to spare so I can warm up correctly before showing you said trick?!

7. "Can't you just skip training and come out tonight?" Can't YOU just skip work and come to the beach tomorrow? No? Oh, well I guess your job sucks more than mine then!

8. "How much can you bench press?" Who actually cares?! No aerialist I've ever met!

9. Wow look at your upper body, you're a swimmer right? Or a **shudder** Crossfitter? Please watch me do a set of 10 pull ups with pointed toes, straight legs, zero kipping or bouncing... and then tell me again that I'm a Crossfit chick 🙅🏽

10. "Oh aerials... that's like pole dancing right?" Now, I love my pole sista's dearly. In fact most of my best friends are incredible pole athletes. But seriously... they are two very different disciplines. And quite frankly, calling me a pole dancer is a slight insult to my bff's, as I make a pretty terrible dancer of the pole! 😂

If you found yourself nodding and saying "YESSSSS!" whilst reading, share it with your aerial besties, so they can have a giggle too!

Happy climbing Aerial Addicts!

Rony xx

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