Maximise Your Air Time... Open training Do's and Don'ts!

Open training, free training, studio time… Whatever you call it, where ever you do it, there’s a few things we all have in common when it comes to it.

As a self taught, mainly solo trainer of aerials for many years, I have definitely come up with every way possible to procrastinate from what it is I should or could be doing with my training time! And when training and rehearsing with my aerial partners… We’re normally even worse!

So I thought I’d help my fellow aerial addicts out, and share a few of my key do’s and don’ts of open training.

Turn your phone to flight mode…

We’ve all been there before, you get to training and think “I’ll have a quick flick through my news feed while I warm up…” And then BAM, 2 hours is gone, the studio is closing and you’re still laying in a straddle pancake on the floor, still “quickly” flicking through your news feeds!

#aerialtraining (but actually just time wasting!)

You nail one new move or combo, and think “That’s cool, totally putting that on Instagram”… And then proceed to do said new move/combo a million and one more times, PURELY to get the right angle and lighting captured for your Instagram or Facey post. Meanwhile… there goes the rest of your training time! I totally encourage my students to film themselves, so they can go back and improve on things or see where they may have gone wrong. But, may I suggest you film your training, go through potential post worthy footage at home, and then pick something to post from there? 😉

Make a plan and get started ASAP!

Don’t start chatting as soon as you get in… it’s a trap! You WILL waste the majority of your time doing so, if this is what you do upon arrival!

Write down your goals…

Jot a few things down that you want to accomplish during your training session.

Routine run throughs, new combo’s, strength training etc. and get into it straight after you warm up!

We know we can’t stay up in the air for a lengthy period of time without a break. So you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with your friends, in between ticking things off your “to do” list for the session.

Sharing is caring… But actually it’s not!

Please don’t try and teach each other new skills you have learnt! I say this for SO many reasons. First and foremost, safety… You have not been taught to teach this move, you’ve been taught solely to execute it, these are two very different things! Attempting to teach it can result in not only injury to your fellow aerialist, but to you as well if you are attempting to spot without correct training. And though you share your new tricks with the best intentions, you may unknowingly pass on little bad habits to your friend, that you’ve picked up when practising.

Open Training is not a makeup lesson!

Missed your class last week? Don’t be that person that comes to open training, purely to try and get your class mates and/or instructor to catch you up on what you missed! This is not a makeup lesson, and it’s also robbing your friends/instructors of their training time… as they are there to train their own skills, not teach you what you missed.

Meet a flying friend…

Training with a friend who’s in the same class or similar level to you is great for motivation, and you can help keep each other on track (or lead each other well astray! 🙈 Either way, it’s more fun with friends!).

Make a time, make a plan and make it happen!

My simple steps to successful aerial training:

  1. Warm Up - allow approximately 15-20 minutes

  2. Make sure I am up on an apparatus in the first 30 minutes (even if it’s just warm up climbs on silks)!

  3. If I have a routine to rehearse, I like to run it three times in one session

  4. Train new combo’s & skills AFTER I run through my routines

  5. Leave at least 20 minutes at the end for strength training and a stretch

I hope this helps you maximise your air time… Happy training Aerial Addicts!!!

Rony x

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