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COMING BACK FROM INJURY OR PREGNANCY? HAD SOME TIME OFF AND LOST YOUR AERIAL MOJO? Need a plan to get focused, back on track and kicking aerial goals? Then you're going to want to read on...

So it’s not the most common aerialist's injury, and it was kinda self inflicted. Totally self inflicted actually. Planned for many years, even!

You see, after performing professionally for almost half my lifetime and being completely consumed by all things aerials (and puppies!), I finally made the decision to… Have a baby!

I’m just shy of 3 months postpartum now and I’ve got to say, pregnant Rony really thought that postpartum Rony would be back to spinning, flipping and flying through the air with the greatest of ease by now.

I mean, I was still performing at 5 months pregnant, I kept training and maintained a reasonable level of strength and fitness throughout my entire pregnancy… So it couldn’t be that hard right? WRONG! How naive I was! (You can read about my experience of aerials and pregnancy here: Flying Through Pregnancy)

I’ve been thrown right back to beginner level, and now the challenge begins. Time to climb my way back up from amateur to pro aerialist, once again. But instead of stumbling blindly into it, I’ve come up with a plan and I want to share it with you.

So if you’re struggling to get motivated and have lost your way with training (for whatever reason), I’d love to help you get clear on your goals and see you crush them!

Check out my Golden Rules to Smash Your Goals below and then download your free FIT TO FLY; AERIAL GOAL TRACKER template, and get climbing!


1.DO NOT compare yourself to others!

Focus on you - not the girl casually doing a perfect scorpion, from a single toe hang, on the lyra next to you!

2. DO start right back from the beginning - as tedious as it may seem.

Why not take the time to go right back, relearn and master some of the foundation skills that you may have neglected. Now is the perfect time to retrain yourself and eliminate any bad habits that may have snuck in during your previous training! Good news is, you’ll pick it all up super quick because you’ve already learned it before, but it is a great idea to revise it all while you build back your strength and fitness.

3. Set little, weekly goals - make them small and achievable, yet still challenging

My small goal last week was to do 6 clean chin ups a set, at 10 weeks postpartum.

Now, before you mutter to yourself “Pffffft! 6 chin ups and you’ve just had a baby?! I can’t do 6 chin ups and I haven’t had a baby!”… Please refer back to Rule No. 1 Do not compare yourself to others! 😉

4. Set larger, long term goals - this is where you can dream big, give yourself a timeline and a plan! 💪🏽

My long term goals include:

  • 10 chin ups a set, by 4 months postpartum

  • Back performing professionally, by 6 months postpartum!

5. DON’T spend an entire weekend watching old videos, and crying over how strong, fit and flexible you USED to be (I should probably take my own advice on that one!). Use the old you as motivation to get back to and exceed past the level that you left off at!

6. Do seek advice from a professional! Depending on your injury or reason for taking a break, I always advise seeking the help of a professional, prior to recommencing your training. Make sure you are not doing more damage to your body by coming back too early, or doing things that you just aren’t quite ready for yet!

7. Document your achievements and progressions on Facebook, Instagram or private files so you can stay accountable. This shouldn’t been done as a negative, where you beat yourself up if you miss a week, or have an off week. Keep it all positive… Track and celebrate all the steps you take in the right direction.

What now???

Download your free Fit to Fly; Aerial Goal Tracker template below, so you can get some clarity and stay on track with your goals!

I’d love to see your progress, and I’ll be featuring one awesome aerialist a week on my IG page that’s using the Aerial Goal Tracker! So don’t forget to tag me in your progress pics and videos:

@rony_aerial_artistry #ronyaerialartistry & #aerialgoaltracker

Go get ‘em Aerial Addicts!!! 💜

Rony xx

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