5 Things Your Aerial Instructor Never Wants to Hear...

Are you an aerial student?

Then I guarantee if you haven't said at least one of these things in class, you've certainly thought it, or heard your aerial buddies say them!

1. "I saw this thing on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube"....

😳 Fantastic! But if it's not in my syllabus, you won't be taught it at my studio!

Whilst we seem like we're just being the fun police half the time, we're actually doing it for your own safety (and for the fact that i don't think my insurance covers me if you die in my class because "we were trying that thing off Instagram"!).

In my classes you will learn my syllabus, that my instructors have been taught to teach correctly... NOT what you saw some #aerialistsofig doing!

2. "We did this last week, why do we have to do it again?"

Ever heard the saying "don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong" ?

Well, now you have! If you want to go places with aerials... Take my advice, adopt this principal everyday with your training.

Students often ask me "how come you never stuff up in a show/training/demonstration etc"... Well, this saying says it all!

Practise, practise, PRACTICE!

And if/when you think you've nailed something, for the love of God... Practice it some more!

Because practice doesn't make perfect, nothing in life is perfect. But it sure does lead to a whole lot of awesome!

3. "I bought some silks off eBay..."

Stop, just stop... 🙉

Please, if you are going to buy aerial equipment for personal use, make sure you are getting it from a reputable seller.

Why? Because all silks are NOT made equal! And your instructor genuinely does not want you to kill yourself training at home, on some random material that someone bought from a fabric shop, and sold to you as "silks".

4. "I can't invert, or do a pull up... Can I learn (insert name of super advanced drop, here) now?"

Not on my watch you can't!

I hear this a lot, from visitors or new students at our studio mainly.

(Most my students know me well enough not to test me on this topic anymore!)

First of all... If you cannot invert, how on earth are you able to do a drop, as the majority start from inverting then wrapping?!

There's only two options I see here:

1. You use extremely questionable technique, which involves you kicking, beating and throwing yourself around in the air like some kind of ninja, having a seizure.

2. Someone actually lifts and assists you into an "invert".

Ok... Call me harsh, but if you aren't capable strength & technique wise, of inverting correctly on your own or doing any chin ups, any instructor that is ok about teaching you a drop should not be left in charge of aerial students at all. (Read: run like the wind if your instructor IS ok with this, and you actually value your life!)

Safety first people!!! Please take the time to gain the right strength, endurance and aerial awareness, before throwing yourself into extremely dangerous situations!! Yup... AERIALS IS DANGEROUS IF NOT LEARNED OR TAUGHT CORRECTLY!

5. "That's not how I learned it at (insert name of other studio here)" or "That's not what it's called".

I'm not opposed at all to students who have trained at other studios and visitors coming to learn with us, we get awesome visitors all the time at Aerial Artistry. Particularly for our Winter Aerial Escape and Summer Aerial School programs... and we love it!

However, please remember that if you go to another studio to learn, you are there for EXACTLY that reason. Just because you've learned something differently elsewhere, or called it something different, doesn't mean that either versions are wrong.

They are just that... Different. Embrace it! Why else have you decided to learn elsewhere in the first place?! Aerials has no set, universal syllabus, or training qualification. Anyone that tells you other wise is talking BS. So of course things are going to be different at each studio.

I created the entire Aerial Artistry syllabus from scratch. Incorporating my 15 years experience in the aerial industry, along with almost 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

So, my friends... Although us aerial instructors may seem like task master, fun police, party poopers (with huge guns, to make us that extra bit intimidating 😂💪🏽)... It is actually all in the name of safety, and keeping you guys kicking aerial butt by making you strong, confident, experienced and knowledgeable little aerialist's.

Now, go give your instructor a hug... Cause believe it or not, she only seems like a total bitch at times cause she actually likes you, and doesn't want you to die!

Until next time Aerial Addicts...

Rony xx

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