9 Things Every Aerial Addict Does...

1. Claim your favourite silks or lyra...

Admit it! I know you do... There's at least one aerial point at your studio, that you believe to be yours! And though you'll willingly smile and nod while someone else uses it, secretly you want them off your damn aerial point, ASAP!

2. Always walk around looking up...

I mean, if you don't, you may well miss seeing the IDEAL aerial rigging point, right?! Warehouses, ball rooms, cinemas, airports etc

Where there is height, there's potential to fly!

3. Spend the majority of your weekly wage on aerials.

Classes, workshops, training gear, merchandise... and still, you WANT MORE (more aerial goodness AND money, that is!)!

4. Climb, bend and invert on EVERYTHING.

No matter where you are, who you're with, or what you're wearing! Everyday objects are just too tempting! And plus, they tend to make for a great photo op too.

Chuck it on Instagram with a little filter... #aerialaddict 👌🏽

5. The quest for the perfect training attire...

Unitards, leotards, tights and crop tops. The quest is ongoing to find the ULTIMATE in comfort, practicality and style. More often than not meaning 90% of your wardrobe is taken up by these items (but I'm sure a few more can't hurt?!)... Oh well, good thing active wear is all the rage these days! I've been wearing it 24/7 for years!

6. Dream the seemingly impossible...

Your oversplits is INSANE. You can bust out 20 chin-ups in one set (and on one arm, of course!). You've nailed that incredible silks drop, where you tumble from ceiling to floor with perfect control and execution, just like the pros.

And then you wake with a start, and realise it was just dream... But you know what? Every great venture starts with a dream, so get out there and chase it... You got dis!

7. Compare your bod to the "fitness models" you see in comps.

Yup, I know... Once you progress through your aerial journey a little further, you start to see these girls competing in all the glitzy fitness comps and think "hmm, I'm not doing too bad here", with your newly formed aerial abs, shoulders and biceps!

And you know what? You're right! Our upper bodies in particular, tend to be the envy of many fitness and body building professionals. Simply by working on what we need to, to make us functionally strong and kick ass in the air... Results in a banging aerial body!

But let me tell you what these fitness glamazons have, that we don't... The strut!

As a previous Miss Fitness QLD Champion, trust me, I know.

BRINGING the package is the easy part, when it comes to competing.

However, PRESENTING the package, in 6 inch heels, without toppling off stage and onto the judges table... Well THIS is a whole other story!

Stick to the air my friends, this is where we belong 😜

8. Have rougher more manly hands than any man... And you're proud of it!

At some stage you've compared your beautifully calloused hands to your husband/boyfriend/dad/best male mate etc... And why not?! They're fabulously functional, and you worked hard for them!

And while the men may complain, that your hands are rough and scratchy... Secretly they're just jealous that their hands aren't anywhere near as tough as yours!

9. The obsession over sparkly, glittery goodness.

It's ok to admit you have a problem, your aerial family is right there with you for support (and encouragement!).

Yes, yes you do need that outrageously shiny, sequinned costume, go ahead and buy it... Do it! 😉

Even the most seemingly non girly of us aerial girls, gets swept up in the sparkly goodness and glitter (otherwise known as circus herpes!) of new costumes. I mean, I'm sure you'll wear it for a show at some stage in the future right? So clearly, you need it!

Did I miss something? Feel free to comment below with your addictions, little aerial addicts!

Until next time... Keep flying high!

Rony xx

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Let me wear all the glittery things and fly!!!

Attempting the "strut" at a previous fitness competition... All the while thinking "Please can I climb something now and show you a trick?!"

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