Aerial Artistry® boast a diverse team of inspiring women, from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

All Aerial Artistry® instructors are trained and mentored personally by owner/director Rony, to ensure her values are carried over through every class!

Owner and Head Coach Rony Elisara, launched Aerial Artistry® in early 2011, with the desire to share her knowledge, passion and diverse art form with as many people as possible! 

Aerial Artistry® is now South East QLD's largest, dedicated aerial school.

Aerial Arts was once seen as something unachievable by the general public, as it requires seemingly inhumane physical strength and fitness. However, over the last 5 years Rony and her team have trained thousands of students, (many who have never trained in any form of physical activity previously) to perform amazing skills, whilst gaining incredible strength, increased flexibility, greater general health and self confidence!


Rony has been involved in the aerial circus industry for over 15 years, as a professional aerialist and trainer. She is also an experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. 

Her knowledge from all aspects of training and performing, are blended together to create Aerial Artistry's unique course syllabus and classes. Designed in a way to allow absolute beginners to build their strength and fitness up and achieve aerial feats they'd once only dreamed of!

Join our aerial tribe now and begin your journey, from beginner to incredible budding aerialist!