New students commence their journey in our Beginner Silks &/or Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop) classes.

During your 10 week beginner class you will learn the fundamentals and basic skills on your new apparatus!

Our professional, nurturing team have all been trained under Aerial Artistry®'s exceptional instructor training program, to ensure a consistently outstanding learning experience for all students.

No aerial, gymnastics or dance experience is necessary at all, as a beginner student in our programs.

The only requirements to start are:

  • Ability to hang straight and hold your body weight from a bar

  • Ability to hold a strong "plank" position on the floor

  • Willingness to try new things with a group of awesome, new people!

Aerials will increase strength, fitness, flexibility and fun in your life - guaranteed!

Checkout all our classes, levels and descriptions below:


  • Beginner Lyra

  • Lyra Prep 1

  • Lyra Level 1

  • Lyra Level 2

  • Lyra Level 3

  • Lyra Level 4

  • Lyra Level 5

  • Lyra Intermediate Recreational

  • Lyra Advanced Recreational

  • Lyra Advanced Invitational


  • Beginner Silks

  • Silks Prep 1

  • Silks Level 1 

  • Silks Level 2 

  • Silks Level 3 

  • Silks Level 4 

  • Silks Level 5

  • Silks Intermediate Recreational

  • Silks Advanced Recreational

  • Silks Advanced Invitational

Beginner - Prep 1

Students work their way through these classes over one x 10 week term.

If you are joining in Term 1 or 3 you will move from Beginner to Level 1. If you join in Term 2 or 4 you will move into Prep as these are our Showcase Terms! So we will be prepping you for your first aerial showcase as we continue you on with skill learning. (Showcases are not compulsory, but are a lot of fun!)

Level 1-5

Students will be in each level for a total of two terms, unless advised otherwise by their instructor.

New, progressive skills are learnt throughout each term as your strength and aerial awareness increases!

Weeks 5-10 of Terms 2 & 4 are focused more specifically on learning a routine for the upcoming showcase.

Intermediate Recreational & Advanced Recreational 

Now you're a master at all aerial fundamentals, plus you've got some awesome skills up your sleeve/leotard and a tonne of aerial experience... So it's onwards and upwards (pun intended!) to our Inter. & Adv. Recreational classes!

Intermediate Recreational: for students that have successfully and competently completed Level 5 (or as advised by an instructor).

Advanced Recreational: for students that have competently completed at least 2 terms of Inter Rec. (or as advised by an instructor).

Our adults Recreational classes are designed for those that have participated in aerials as a hobby, at a high level, for a number of years. However have little/no desire to move into the competitive/professional performance world.

You will continue to learn new skills and moves, however the degree of difficulty won't increase at the same, swift rate as in your levels classes.

We understand that once you've reached this level some skills become quite hard and even scary! Our focus is for you  to keep enjoying your aerial journey with us, for years to come! 

Rec classes will spend time:

  • Learning new skills at an inter to adv level

  • Perfecting harder/old skills that need more work

  • Creating new sequences and pathways out of old moves

  • Each term will include Technique Week's; focused on one specific fundamental/skill but using a range of conditioning and strength skills & drills to break it down and improve it over time! As well as a flexibility focused week

  • All rec. classes will still be spending a portion of showcase terms learning their routines!

Advanced Invitational

This is an invitation only program, designed to assist advanced level students with goals of competing at a high level in the competitive aerial circuit, or pursuing work as a professional aerialist in the future.

In this class students will be trained at a high level and encouraged to break out of their performance comfort zone as we dive deeper into the performance and creation side of aerial arts.

Students must be prepared to commit to a minimum of 3 hours a week solo training, outside of class hours. 

**Please note that Aerial Artistry® accepts no responsibility for acting as an agent and/or pursuing professional performance work for students**


Please check current timetables for our current Fitness classes on offer.

These classes are a great addition to your Silks/Lyra classes to help you increase your strength, flexibility and functional fitness!

You can also use our "Fitness Class Pass" to enrol in these classes for an awesome price!

The coaches are incredible and genuinely care about helping you build the strength and confidence to smash your goals!

Whether you've done aerials for years or didn't know what it was until you googled it, Aerial Artistry® is so welcoming no matter your level!

Emmila Perry

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